the basic roast levels of coffee

Basic Roast Levels of Coffee


Is also known as Light City, Half City, Cinnamon Roast or New England Roast. The lighter roasts have a lighter body and pronounced acidity. Light roasts have the most caffeine rate and are most ideal for tasting the origin base of coffee. If you like the origin over another, try some lighter roast as it will bring out the flavor better than medium and darker roasts.


Medium roasts are known to have a more balanced aroma and taste. Because the sugar has been caramelized, medium roasts have a wonderful roasted flavor but still the possibility to taste other flavors such as fruits, berries, citrus and acidity. Medium roasts are also known as American Roast, City Roast, or Breakfast Roast.


Dark roasts are also called as European roasts, such as French, Italian or Spanish. The body is often heavy and it is much harder to distinguish between the origin. The beans are fully caramelized, resulting in a chocolaty roasted taste in many dark roasts. Many Coffee drinkers believe that dark roasts have a higher percentage of caffeine inside than light or medium roasts, they are wrong – dark roasts have the least amount of caffeine inside because it is decreased with roasting time.